This feature is not available right now. I've been having issues with Chromecast and YouTube. When I did get it to work, adding videos to the TV queue was a ... its hard not to want a Chromecast. How Googles Chromecast Lets Down iPhone Users. Did you know your Chromecast is capable of much more than simply streaming video? A New Chromecast Queue Design In YouTube For Android Is Rolling Out. **EDIT2:** As of mid March 2017, an update to YouTube App appears to have resolved all the issues described in this post. Your YouTube Red membership does not include access to Watch Queue Queue. Videos not approved for mobile playback will not work with Chromecast. ... the Chromecast experience on iOS. Please try again later. YouTube, what more ... queue your favorites and control the Chromecast plugin for ES ... ES Chromecast plugin. Watch Queue Queue. It looks like your browser does not accept cookies. ... Chromecast won't work with YouTube anymore ... and making sure to not get a queue going. Read one to reveal some of the quick fixes to apply when your Chromecast not Working. Please try again later. Cookies please. TVs with Chromecast built-in. Watch Queue Queue. Working... Loading... ... and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Chromecast technology comes built ... you can save yourself time by not using a clunky ... or add a YouTube video to the queue. Ever since the latest update to the YouTube Chromecast "app" ... the queue doesn't work when I'm using my Nexus 5. When you use your Chromecast for YouTube videos, theres an annoying feature where suggested videos continuously queue up whether you want them or not. This feature is not available right now. Watch Queue Queue. ... YouTube. Chromecast Not Working and How to Fix issues for Chromecast: There can be different reasons why the Chromecast Not Working. Even when I tap the screen and select chromecast nothing happens.